Two Rare Replica Rolex Submariner And Explorer II Military-Issued For UK Special Reconnaissance Regiment

Whether it’s brand new or with retro style, Rolex’s market performance has been extremely prosperous in recent years . In addition to the new GMT-Master II with red and blue bezel released this year, the antique models which have been auctioned by the shocking high price have drawn much more attention.

This unique model was especially provided from SSR, Special Reconnaissance Regiment.
Black Bezel Rolex Submariner Knockoff Watch

For example, the famous Paul Newman’s Daytona Ref.6239 was sold at an amazingly high price of $17.8 million. And a platinum Rolex Submariner with blue dial was also the most expensive Submariner on the auction of Rare Watches and a Rolex Afternoon in 2017, with a Swiss Francs of 631,500. However, this record was broken for only more than a year. A Ref. 6538 Submariner was sold at US$1,068,500, becoming the most expensive Rolex Submariner in history.

This Explorer II was released in 2008 with only 139 pieces.
Oystersteel Bracelet Imitation Rolex

The two Rolex fake watches with black dials I introduce today are not antique versions, however, they are rare, which make them attract many collectors and watch lovers. It is a long history that Rolex provided the military issued wristwatches for regular army of governments. The Explorer II and Rolex Submariner copy with Oystersteel case are both offered for SSR and the former one was released in 2008 while the latter was in 2010.

Introducing A Distinctive UK Rolex Explorer II 16550 Fake With Rare Cream Dial

As I said before, many watch lovers have big passion on the antique wristwatches and the Rolex could be considered as the most popular watch brand. As is well-known, the quality of delicate copy Rolex is very extraordinary and it preserves the classic elements for a long time that is why many modern models of Rolex looks similar even exactly same as the original models. The integrated design hasn’t changed and only some details have been updated.

The Rolex Explorer II was essential for explorer and global travelers with its distinctive characters.
40 MM Rolex Explorer II Fake Watch

Rolex Explorer II replica with stainless steel case features a cream dial which was white originally. The cream-colored dial is the result of a defective batch of white paint used by Rolex for a period of time, however, the natural fade along with the white gold hands and hour markers are the unexpected perfection.

The accuracy has been guaranteed by calibre 3085, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely manufactured by Rolex.
Rolex Replica With Self-Winding Mechanical Movement

The iconic Cyclops lens has been set over the date window which is at 3 o’clock, magnifying the number of date, making it convenient to the wearers to read it. The GMT hand has been designed in red which is striking on the cream dial, adding a lively element on the understated dial. Other features of the model include the Mercedes hour hand and the fixed stainless steel bezel engraved with oversized scales. The imitation watch stainless steel bracelet could display the two time zones through the red GMT hand, making it convenient to global travelers and adventurers.

UK Rolex Explorer II Midnight Black Dials Replica Watches With Great Precision And Reliability

Referring to Rolex, the first model that everyone think of must be Submariner as Rolex Submariner with green dials could be considered as the hottest timepiece of dive watches. Meanwhile, the Submariner with black dials are popular too. All the topics about them are talked over and over, so today I will discuss another model with you, which is the Rolex Explorer II oyster Swiss copy watch.

Rolex has created the Explorer to pay tribute to Edmund Hillary successfully reaching the top of Qomolangma with his Rolex oyster perpetual wrist watch. Rolex keeps improving its watches by using the world as a proving ground to test its products under real conditions. The distinctive designed hands blend to the dial to create a phantom effect, seeming to float over the dial, saluting to the model of 1971. The white luminous coated hour markers are in a contrast to the black dial, ensuring the ultra legibility of Rolex imitation watches with black dials.

An additional 24 hours display has been added to the model, enabling the watch to display a second time zone.
42MM Rolex Explorer II Replica

Equipped with an additional 24 hours display, the Rolex Explorer II knockoff with oystersteel bracelet allow the wearers to distinguish the hours of day from the night, which is helpful to those who venture into dark environment. The dedicated orange hand will point to the graduations on the bezel to perform the special function. The sturdy watch is equipped with Calibre 3187, a self-winding mechanical movement, guaranteeing a power reserve of 48 hours and offering great resistance to shocks and extreme conditions to meet the requirement of adventurers. Another classic symbol of Rolex could be seen on this model, which is the cyclops lens on date window, magnifying the digits of the date and allowing the wearers to read it easily.

The self-winding mechanical movement could resist the great shocks and other extreme condition.
Automatic Fake Rolex Watches

Rolex Explorer II 216570 White Dial Stainless Steel Case Waterproof Replica Watches UK

Bring Rolex to China

The Rolex Explorer II, reference 216570, along with the Submariner, GMT Master, and the Datejust, constitute Rolex’s most popular watches. While the Explorer model, like the others, is a child of the late 1950s; unlike the others, it has two current models, both popular, but also quite different. The first model, the Rolex Explorer, is 39mm and is closest to the original version, while the Explorer II is 42mm and more adapted to modern tastes. In this post, I review the latter model. And while any of the Rolex Explorer models make for a solid tool watch, in this review, I am not taking it to some mountain trekking odyssey, but instead I am doing modern day exploration. My account is based on taking it for a month long journey to Asia, exploring a distant land, an ancient people, and a fascinating culture: China.

Stronger than before

First off, the Rolex Explorer best fake watches were one of the first wristwatches to be designed for exploration, in particular, exploring new lands and varied terrains. While today, a Casio ProTrek or similar solar-powered multifunction watch will serve you well on a distant trek, in the 1950s and early 1960s when real exploration of the poles and the high peaks of the world was taking place, no quartz watch existed. And even today, if you were to attempt to explore the earth’s pole or climb Mt. Everest, the Rolex Explorer might still be a better choice than a quartz device, since these suffer when exposed to high and low temperatures and depend on an external source of power. However, the Rolex Explorer II is guaranteed to work as well as it does day to day even under extreme temperature gradients and with no source of power, except wearing it daily and moving a bit (or winding the crown).

Rolex explorer replica watches.

So while in my own “expedition” with the Rolex Explorer II, I was not taking it to extreme conditions, I did take it to what is a somewhat typical modern day traveling journey, including airports, business meetings, business outings, the gym, and also visiting the outdoors in a distant land. In all cases, what was great was the Rolex Explorer II never felt out of place.

Accurate travel time

At the airport, the first step was to set the local and home time to PDT. As the plane took off and we got an indication of the time in Beijing, using the quick set feature on the hour hand, I simply pulled the crown and moved it forward about 8 timezones for the time in China. Interestingly, unlike many large countries, China has one timezone! It does not matter if you are in the east or western part of China, there is just one. Makes it easy for doing business, I suppose, though I imagine Chinese get a very different experience of time over the year depending on what side of the country they live on.

Waterproof Rolex fake watches UK.

A great thing about Rolex sports copy watches UK, especially modern versions, is that they tend to be multipurpose. That is, they fit well into both business and casual situations as well as the more sporty settings for which they were specifically designed. So during my month long visit, and with various meetings at all levels of the organization, I never had to use any other watch, really. The Rolex Explorer II fit in great.