Introducing Yellow Gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman UK Replica Watches

Referring to the most popular vintage wristwatches of Rolex among collectors, it must be Daytona without any doubt. Among all the models of Daytona, Paul Newman is the most favored one.Today I will recommend one piece of rare copy Rolex Cosmograph Daytona for you.

The indexes on the sub-dials are distinctive which is white with a small grid.
Precious Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Copy Watches

Although it has been called Paul Newman Daytona, it hasn’t been worn by Paul Newman, the famous film star. In fact, many models called Daytona haven’t ever been worn by Paul Newman, and they were called the name because of the same features of the sub-dials. It was said that Paul Newman wore a Daytona in one of his popular film. That watch featured a silver dial with three black sub-dials, on which there are several small grids. Then later all the Rolex Daytona with such a design have been called Paul Newman Daytona.

We know that the Daytona Ref.6239 had been auctioned with a shocking high price, making the model become the most expensive wristwatch in the world. The ultra rare model is the Rolex fake with yellow gold case Ref.6264. Although Paul Newman hadn’t worn it, the production period is extremely short which is from 1969 to 1972, in addition, the Tropical Lemon dial makes it rare.

The vintage Rolex Daytona Paul Newman has kept good condition.
Yellow Gold Bracelet Rolex Knockoff

The knockoff watch with black bezel features a champagne dial adorned with three chocolate sub-dials, including 30-minute counter, 12-hour counter and small seconds. According to Revolution Magazine, only four pieces of this model appeared on the market before, this one is the fifth one.

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